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Noel Sithole
Director of Analytics
Corporate Financial Analysis and Modeling

"It's hard to fully express my dissatisfaction with the classes I took from the UC Berkeley Extension finance program (Corporate Financial Modeling and Analysis, Business Valuation). I was taking corporate finance classes because my boss suggested they might help round out my skills as a corporate strategy practitioner, so my goal was purely educational, not to meet a certification or achieve a prerequisite. I was only in it to learn. As such, I was highly disappointed.

I took classes at Berkeley Extension because I thought the Extension school would maintain a certain level of quality to protect the reputation of its brick and mortar institution. It did not. While training to deploy to Iraq years earlier, I had taken classes at American Military University, and those classes were atrocious (borderline fraudulent). I thought the Berkeley institution would be significantly better. It was not.

The Corporate Financial Modeling class was particularly bad. The "lecture" videos were literally some intern or research assistant reading boring slides word for word. He would butcher common finance terms like annuity, demonstrating that he had no knowledge of finance whatsoever. It...was...awful. The homework assignments came straight from the book and consisted only of reading the book. I literally would have learned just as much if I had read the book on my own without paying for the class. And the final project was so beyond the scope of the class that asking questions seemed futile because there were so many of them (I did ask some, and the replies from the professor were slow and generally uninsightful. But in general I just had to figure out how to do a valuation on my own). In sum, I came away feeling like I could have just read the textbook on my own and been equally enlightened, but without the annoyance of doing homework and taking a final exam.

So that's my Berkeley experience. I will never take a Berkeley class again (I hear Harvard's online courses are actually much better). Take my advice - if you're looking for corporate finance courses, look elsewhere. Or if you're just in it to learn, go buy a textbook and read it cover to cover, and save yourself the $950 per class.
" - 2019-03-16 10:45

"It's hard to fully express my dissatisfaction with the classes I took from the UC Berkeley Extension finance program (Corporate Financial Mo… read full review - 2019-03-16 10:45